River Town Jubilee

On Saturday, June 11, the Cochrane Music Society ensembles were eager to present their first indoor concert since 2019. It was a  River Town Jubilee!

Band on the Bow chose  music with themes of inspiration, renewal, and celebration that were exciting as they emerged from the pandemic.

The overarching message of Choral Waves music was peace.  They performed songs in a variety of languages including Hebrew, Romanian, Swahili, Zambian, and English –  all centered around peace and how it can unify us in body and spirit – sharing it with one another in all circumstances, be they joyful, playful, thoughtful, or sorrowful.

Every Riverside Jazz performance is a little bit of a history lesson. Our jazzers played music by great writers from Count Basie to Phil Collins!

We maintained social distancing during the pandemic with summertime parking lot rehearsals and concerts. Back to our regular programming, we loved sharing our music with you at the River Town Jubilee!

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