Riverside Jazz

Riverside Jazz was formed two years after Band on the Bow. Many of the members of Riverside Jazz also play in Band on the Bow on the same or a different instrument. This jazz band is of the genre known as a “big band”. We currently have 29 players which is really big and we love it! Instruments include alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, trombones, trumpets and the rhythm section of keyboard, bass guitar, rhythm guitar and percussion. We even have a tuba!

Riverside Jazz Rehearsals

Under the direction of Adam Mailman:

Wednesday evenings
9:00 – 10:30pm
Venue – Cochrane High School Music Room

Rehearsals immediately follow Band on the Bow rehearsals which facilitates the players who attend both ensembles.

Riverside Jazz at Cochrane Culture Days 2021

As well as the full CMS concerts, Riverside Jazz plays at several public events each year.

Music Level

Riverside Jazz plays music at about Grade 3 jazz level and offers a new challenge to those who have might have only played in concert band.

The music includes swing, latin, rock and straight-ahead jazz.

Riverside Jazz Rehearsal

One of the most challenging elements of jazz is improvisation. Playing solo and making up the music as you go takes super concentration!