Registration for the 2021-2022 season is now open! Use the form at the bottom of the page.


Membership Fees: $10

Your registration with CMS provides program information and voting privileges. CMS membership will be required for those participating in any CMS activities in the next 12 months, including some planned outdoor rehearsals in the next few weeks.

The Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday, October 7 at 7pm via Zoom where we’ll share some of the vision of CMS over the next year.

Despite a challenging COVID-filled past year, we successfully ran both online and safe outdoor, in-person programs.  We have a lot more music to make together in the next year!

Ensemble Programs

The CMS Board has deemed that in-person, indoor rehearsals are currently too unsafe for our membership during this extreme fourth wave of COVID-19, even with proof of vaccination. When conditions are safe, we will look to resuming in-person indoor activities.

With a few warm days still available to us, we are planning outdoor fun, FREE rehearsals on weekend afternoons to make the best of the sun and warmth (and safe outdoor conditions). When the weather cools off, we’ll switch to online programs.

Register Now to take advantage of the fun, free rehearsals!

Band on the Bow: 
Sunday, September 26 at 2pm at Mitford Park
Bring your instrument chair, stand, clips and vaccination record. Music will be provided shortly in the CMS Dropbox.

Choral Waves:
Saturday October 2 at 2pm  Bow Valley Baptist Church parking lot
Let’s just sing together! Bring your music and vaccination record. (Music will be provided shortly in the CMS Dropbox.)

Riverside Jazz:
We haven’t forgotten you jazzers. We’ll look at the long-range forecast and let you know when we can do an outdoor rehearsal too!

Ongoing Ensemble Programs:
Fees will be determined to cover costs as the programs roll out.

Complete the form below to register in one or two ensembles.