The Undercurrents

The Undercurrents Will Not Operate for 2018-2019 Season

The Undercurrents is a beginner-level band that was formed for adults who have little or no musical experience, or wish to learn a new instrument. This band is usually small in numbers with a wide range of instruments. New players generally stay in The Undercurrents for two years. As their playing progresses and they are comfortable with more difficult music they move to Band on the Bow.

The Undercurrents do perform at the CMS Christmas and Spring concerts. Several members of Band on the Bow join them to help fill out the instrumentation and provide support as this is quite a challenging experience for new players. This performance is the best encouragement for other community members to join as they hear the progress made in such a short time as well as the development from beginner to experienced players.

The Undercurrents Christmas 2006

The Undercurrents Christmas 2006


The Undercurrents beginner band program has been suspended for the current season due to low registration. The band needs at least 15 members to be viable. Please continue to encourage friends, family and acquaintances toward this rewarding musical development. We hope that enough people will come forward to re-start the beginner band next fall.

If you would like to find out more about The Undercurrents send us an email through the Contact Us page.