West Valley Winds Workshop 2014

Join your musical friends at the 9th Annual West Valley Winds Workshop held in beautiful Canmore February 28-March 1, 2014!

WVW Workshop registration 2014The Event
Last year’s two band format had a terrific response so we are continuing with the same: Grade 3-4 and Grade 4.5-5.
The entire workshop (Friday evening and all day Saturday) will be held in full ensembles under the direction of our guest conductors, Mr. Craig Kirchhoff (University of Minnesota) and Dr. Robert Taylor (University of British Columbia).

After the Friday evening sight reading session, everyone is invited to the Canmore Golf & Curling Club dining room for a closed party featuring our own jazz jam. Our rhythm section will lay down the beat and all are welcome to join in or simply listen and socialize with friends.

Saturday rehearsals will run from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Coffee breaks (with delicious snacks) are provided and everyone goes out to find lunch at any of the terrific Canmore eateries. The workshop will conclude with an informal concert at 5:00pm. For those who are having too much fun to stop, we’ll go out for supper together!

Cost: Just $55!
Click here for WVW Workshop 2014 Registration
Register soon! This is a popular workshop and space is limited.

A group block of hotel accommodations has been arranged for the workshop. A hot breakfast is included in the reservation. Simply indicate on the registration form that hotel accommodations are needed and you will be emailed the phone number and reservation code. (The group block is just held until January 28th, so register now and make your arrangements.)

If you can’t attend the full workshop, drop in to the free concert to join in the fun and hear some great music!

Comments About Previous Workshops
From Guest Conductors:
“The Adult Band Workshop that I did for you was the highlight of last year’s season for me. I don’t remember when I’ve had such a satisfying and rewarding experience. The band was so responsive and fun to work with. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a unique and wonderful venture.” Clinton Marshall

“I just wanted reiterate what a wonderful time I had this weekend. You have a fantastic thing going with that weekend. Thanks for having me in to be a part of it.” Gareth Jones

From Participants:
• Great conductor. He really raised the bar for this workshop and accepted no less than your best. Good choice!
• Both great directors. Excellent choices. Different styles of directing. Learned from both.
• The music selection was superb, and made for one of the most enjoyable workshops/concerts I’ve ever attended.
• I think the two-band format worked very well. The more advanced players can be challenged, without having to accommodate the lower level players, and the lower level players don’t feel stressed about playing higher level music. Also, we provided an audience for each other, and I enjoyed ‘their concert’.

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