Jumpstart Success

Jumpstart Workshop was a great success again this year with 36 CMS members taking part.

Thank you to Rob Billington and Diego Bechthold (our guest conductor) for sharing the directing duties and exchanging ensembles half way through the afternoon. Thanks to Noah Borin for spending his Saturday afternoon with us, and being the amazing accompanist that he is!

A big thank you to the organizers: Colleen Heschl-Ball, Darlene Richter, Jane Kaczmer and with special recognition to Cam Heinz who offered to help before he knew he would be occupied before, during and after the event. Not once did he suggest that he was too busy to fulfill his commitments of organizing the pick-up and delivery of the BBQs and ice!


Thanks also to:
• Guy Kerr and Arlene Hopland who donated the use of their BBQs,
• Mike Richter and Hugh Lavallee who were our BBQ chefs,
• Kathryn Schaal and Heather Kerr who arrived early to help set up, and
• all those who participated, brought food, and lent a helping hand during the event!!!

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