CMS Launches New Website

Welcome to the new Cochrane Music Society website!

Celebration balloonsThis is the new home of CMS information – where everyone can learn about our great community music program and concerts, obtain our registration information and contact us.

Communication for members is much improved as they can read the latest news and check the calendar for rehearsals and events.

Want the latest news post delivered to you directly? Subscribe by email over there in the sidebar. Folks who want to keep up to date using RSS can subscribe by clicking on the RSS icon in the top right corner.

And there is more to come… Soon the photo gallery will start to fill and we will continue to add a few more pages and additional content. We’ll also be doing some more tweaking and making visual improvements.

So “leaf” through the pages, try out the links to our community band and choir friends, click on items in the calendar for details and Choose Your News to read posts related specifically to your ensemble. You can even reply to individual news items like this one. (use Leave a Reply at the bottom of this post).

Be sure to let us know if you have pictures of past CMS events, news of other community arts events or other links to add. We will put them on.

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