CMS General Meeting December 7, 2010

For All Cochrane Music Society Members:

There will be a General Meeting of the Cochrane Music Society December 7th, 2010 for the purpose of electing the executive positions of the CMS board. The General Meeting will be held at 7:15pm in the “green room” at the Cochrane Alliance Church – shortly before the CMS Christmas Concert.

As per the CMS society bylaws, the executive positions are elected by the general membership, however, at the time of the AGM, there were no nominations for some of those positions. Currently, the following members have agreed to stand for nomination:

President – Chris McKiernan (member of Choral Waves)

Vice-President – Chantelle Elson (member of Riverside Jazz)

Treasurer – Jane Kaczmer (member of Band on the Bow and Riverside Jazz)

Secretary – Kathryn Schaal (member of Choral Waves)

If others are interested in standing for nomination to these positions, or for further information, please contact Colleen Heschl-Ball at Band on the Bow rehearsal or by using the Contact Us page of the website before December 7, 2010.




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