LaVIe Mother’s Day Concert

LaVie Concert May 2018La VIe is one of Calgary’s premiere vocal ensembles featuring six of Calgary’s most exciting female voices and performs music from Baroque to contemporary and everything in between.
Their upcoming performance focuses on Canadian female composers and songwriters with many arrangements created by La VIe to reflect the spirit of Mother’s Day. This concert is guaranteed to have music for every musical taste.

Starring: Melanie Baux, Aoife Bonaventura, Celia Lee, Catherine Lippitt, Sara Staples and Lauren Woods

Featuring: Aurora Claire Borin (Piano), Barry Mason (Guitar), Rachel MacDonald (Cello, Calgary), Nigel Boehm (Cello, Banff)

Tickets $30  ($25 for Mothers)
Saturday May 12  7:00pm
Rundle United Church, Banff
Banff Tickets    (or at the door)
Sunday May 13  3:00pm
St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Calgary
Calgary Tickets   (or at the door)

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