Cochrane Dollar Project

Message from Robert Kalinovich, Town of Cochrane

The Cochrane Dollar project is growing closer to launch on May 19, 2017 and the design of the bills is now underway.

Because of Canada’s 150th birthday this year, we’ve decided that it would be great to print one special collectable bill to commemorate this occasion.  For this collectable bill, we would be thrilled to have a work of local art to feature on the back.  We’re inviting local artists to submit a work that they would like to be considered for this.

The conditions are:
–          A work by a local artist.
–          The painting would preferably be of something recognisable as part of current or historical Cochrane, however, we are open to other scenes from the area as well.|
–          The artist will not receive financial compensation for the use of their work on the Cochrane Dollar commemorative bill.
–          The artist will retain ownership of the work.  We will only require a good photograph or scan of the painting.

The dimensions of the Cochrane Dollar will be the same as Canadian bills. It is possible to use a portion of the art work in order to have it fit within the dimensions available.

Please send a photo of the work you would like to be considered, by Thursday March 16th, to  The photo for submission doesn’t need to be professionally taken.  This can be arranged later for whichever work is chosen.

I apologise for the very short notice on this, however, the idea to produce a commemorative bill as part of the greater Cochrane Dollar project only recently came forward.

This Cochrane Dollar project is being put together by Cochrane Economic Development, the Cochrane Monetary Foundation and ATB Financial, Cochrane branch.

Robert Kalinovich
Economic Development Officer
Town of Cochrane

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